Every Project has unique requirements
PSPRO can help you select the best project delivery methodology for your solution.

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The first step for any project is to consider your high level goals and identify your key outcomes. At this time you can effectively identify the best project delivery methodology for your project. Responding to the outline business plan means that PSPRO can develop a project plan in Agile, Prince2, or a combination of both dependant on what best achieves the project goals. The key is that the project management framework responds to the needs, and dependecies of the project.

Your web solution can undertake many core functions of your business from order generation to billing and delivery automation. Maybe it's just a brochure site to show perspective clients what you can offer or a complex single page application. PSPRO can help to plan how to develop your application to grow with your business and give you a solution that delivers your most important outcomes fast.

The important thing is that the website you choose to build reflects the nature of your business and builds on all the business development you have under taken in the past and will integrate fully with any future plans.


Knowing what your competitors offer and how they market to your possible clients is vital information when producing a complete web strategy. This area combines planning for "Search Engine Optimisation"(SEO) comparisons of store functionality. Identifying what you do not like is just as important for the development process.

Specifications & Documentation

Clearly identifying the requirements for your wen solution is the most important step in creating a solution that fulfills your expectations. At PSPRO we add a high degree of value in identifying possible solutions and take the time to explain implications of your business decisions regarding your web application development. The choice of project methodology greatly influences the deliverables for this part of the develop

  • Benefits & outcomes
  • Identify the best project methodology for your solution
  • Clearly defined and document your top level outline plans and key deliverables
  • Confirm viability and cost benefit analsist for go ahead of project
  • Knowing how your competition is performing and what you need to do to compete effectively
  • Identify value add opportunities in an iterative development cycle
  • Create the right level of specification or foundation for the projects ongoing development

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Site Structure

The information gathered in the planning phase will assist in developing detailed page structure with clearly identified outcomes and content delivery requirements. Having the right page structure and page deployments strategy is a fundamental requirement for an effective natural ranking website application.

There are always exceptions and at PSPRO we ensure that we identify the best solution for now and tomorrow for your unique situation.

Design and Concept

Creating a concept for your web solution is predominantly driven by the information collected in the planning phase. Your existing brand identity and target market will begin to dictate some design decisions.

The research and development to date may even indicate a change in direction for your website to maximize your returns and ensure you do more than just tick a box.

This part of the process will result in a layout design for your website. After approval this will form the basis for additional content pages and strongly influence the look of all other pages.

Design Development

Graphical elements can be developed and refined for use throughout the web solution. Ideally these elements can be used throughout the site to maintain the clear navigation and structural developed in the planning stages.

Many issues influence the amount of work carried out in this stage. The number of images, unique graphics or even commissioning a photographer to supply your image assets.

All aspects of the development are controlled and focused under PSPRO's project management for seamless delivery.

  • Benefits & outcomes
  • Completed layouts ready for programming
  • Beta test site or versions of site for testing
  • A simple tested solution which enables further functionality testing and development
  • Role out of further content and additional data

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The programming requirements for any website are dependent on the early planning stages. There are options to reduce development costs by integrating template based solutions or re-using existing functionality. As with any project, the planning stages influence the effective delivery of your web solution.

Content Development

A massive part of any website development is the content. The best websites are driven by content and these can be rewarded with better rankings and become a real resource for your business in cost effective marketing and administration savings.

The task for the client in identifying the required content is very time consuming and PSPRO can help by providing tools and processes to assist in this area. Otherwise we can identify copy writers to handle this part of the process and give advise and direction on style and focus for SEO.

Launch and on going support

When your site goes live it is a great feeling. To be able to simply maintain and update your site is even better!

At PSPRO, it's good not to hear from you too often! Our measure of a successful site is one that you can manage yourself and keep relevant even on a daily basis. By giving you the tools and instruction to do this yourself, we are giving you the power to drive and market your business on the web

  • Benefits & outcomes
  • Functionality testing before site goes live
  • Templates can be fully responsive for all device screen sizes
  • Launch SEO logging and tracking
  • On going support and advice