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Be Responsive to your clients
Make sure your site displays correctly on all their devices, now and in the future

For a long time it's been important to have a website. Now it is important to have a website that displays correctly on all your clients' devices. With more and more screen sizes, tablets, fablets, phones and a multitude of device manufacturers, it is a becoming a tall order!

At PSPRO we have the solution to your problem...... Become Responsive!

responsive image diagram
responsive image diagram

How does a Responsive Site Work
There's a JavaScript library that does the work for you

To try and keep it simple, there is some JavaScript code which detects the screen size of the device you are using, this code then applies the correct Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code for the screen you are using.

The website page framework and content are the same for all screen sizes, they are simply displayed in the best or most optmised format for your screen size.

See Hotrocks Steakhouse and Brothers Sunshine Coast on a full screen and resize your webpage to see the page react to your screen.

More Reasons to be Responsive
You know it makes sense

The web is a highly changeable environment in both hardware and software. Using a framework that is designed to respond to these factors offers a high degree of redundancy for the future.

With new devices and screen sizes being launched every year the responsive path offers a great way to keep your website current and is a highly efficient solution.

  • Other Responsive Benefits
  • Google rewards responsive content for improved search results
  • Content can be hidden or revealed dependent on screen size
  • Provides small screen navigation and integration to phone style apps
  • Content is only created once and deployed for screen size, which makes it easier to manage your website content
  • Smaller screens are an increasing segment of the web market